SketchUp Expertise, Faster.

Imagine that learning SketchUp is like trying to travel across the country. Enrolling in a formal SketchUp training would be like paying for a plane ticket, whereas learning SketchUp by teaching yourself would be like trying to hitchhike. It's fun either way, but the training "ticket" gets you there much faster and more comfortably.

Things People Say

"SketchUp (Trimble) hired Katya to teach SketchUp basics classes at two of our events this year: 3D Basecamp 2016 in Steamboat Springs, CO and Trimble Dimensions 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. 

Katya has a very unique and effective teaching style that aligns well with the exciting experience of learning SketchUp for the first time. She introduces concepts with enthusiasm, energy, and passion. She also has the knowledge to tackle the wide variety of questions thrown at her during class. 

Katya genuinely cares about the students in her class, which is a big part of what I look for when evaluating an instructor. I look forward to having her teach more SketchUp classes for us in the future, and I recommend her to anyone that wants to learn the fundamentals of SketchUp from someone that truly wants you to succeed."

Josh Reilly

Content Marketing Manager
Trimble SketchUp

"Every time I open SketchUp, I am so glad I took Katya's class. I don't know how I even "modeled" before her instruction! ( I put "modeled" in quotes because I don't consider my pre-class designs even usable). As she taught me, understanding components and how to use them is critical to a good model. I only wish I had taken her class sooner - I would have saved so much time (and therefore, money) ...
  "As for the results, we have clients inquire about homes we haven't even built yet, solely based on the 3D models. Katya's instruction now allows me to quickly and efficiently create home designs for potential clients."

Luke Andrews, Bayside Joinery Co.
obo logo.png

  “As class coordinator for the OBO staff, I received nothing but praise for the classes ... as Katya taught the class, I found new ways OBO could use the software for our work.   The only thing I can think of that could have been better was making the class longer..."
  "It has been my general experience when learning new things, that the teacher and their passion make a big impact on how I see the software.  After 20+ years working with AutoCAD, had I known SketchUp when I first started my career, I might not be doing AutoCAD now.  Katya’s experience and passion for SketchUp helped make a convert out of me.

Darren Hannabass
US Department of State
Overseas Building Operations

The Sales Pitch

Back when it was still called Google SketchUp, I started my SketchUp self-education for free with YouTube, library books, and online forums. I enjoyed the process, but the free path wasn't efficient - or even completely effective. Because I didn't know what I didn't know, it took years of struggle before I was using SketchUp correctly, quickly, and comfortably. My free education taught me how NOT to learn SketchUp.

In contrast, my SketchUp classes are designed to make your journey to SketchUp proficiency easier, faster, and more enjoyable through learning official Best Practices, especially those techniques that are not intuitive or easy to find out about on your own (Layers, Outliner, Components vs. Groups, etc.). SketchUp training will teach you sanity-saving techniques from the beginning, or help you re-learn and troubleshoot if you have already started learning. Even "Expert" SketchUppers have found that taking an Essentials  SketchUp class helped them fill many previously unaware gaps in their SketchUp education and significantly improved their proficiency and enjoyment of the program.

Unfortunately, much of the SketchUp information offered online isn't that great. If a tutorial tells you to click on the Orbit icon, for example, instead of pressing the center scroll wheel on a mouse to Orbit, then they're not teaching Best Practices. Also, many instructors use either a PC or Mac, whereas I teach SketchUp for both Mac and PC.

The Name-Dropping

A few of Katya's SketchUp Training Clients:

  • SketchUp: Instructor at SketchUp's 2016 Bootcamp and Basecamp Conferences
  • Trimble: Instructor at 2016 Trimble Dimensions Conference in Las Vegas 
  • Disney World (Multiple Classes)
  • US State Department: Overseas Building Operations
  • The City of Ottawa (The Capital of Canada) Urban Planning Dept.
  • Coca-Cola
  • Crown Equipment
  • Hourglass Cosmetics
  • Yuma International Airport
  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The Cost of Saving Time and Money

Details: A Day of training is based on a typical 9 am - 5 pm day, with an hour lunch and two 15 min breaks (and realistically, a 1/2 hr of computer problems). So a "day" of actual intensive training is realistically 6 hours of instruction.
Those who take two full days of training will receive certification.

Online One-on-One SketchUp Training

Training can be broken up into half-day sections to fit into your busy schedule more easily.
Online Training is tailored to your level, whether beginner, intermediate, advanced, as well as your particular modeling purposes.

  • 2 Days: $795
  • 1 Day: $495
  • Hourly: $75/hr

Discounts available for multiple-employee packages!

On Site - Have the trainer come to your office!

Prices are for the Contiguous US, but more distant locations are possible with some negotiation. The "Stray Kat" nickname came from a love of travel, so drop me a note!

  • 2 Days: $3295
  • 3 Days: $4295 (most companies choose this, with the third day being advanced training or consulting)
  • 4 Days: $5295

"Domestic Kat" Local Deals

In-Person training in South and Central Florida (Oct-June) or Alaska (probably July-Sept):

  • 2 Days at your South Florida or Alaskan near-Anchorage office: $995 for first person, $100 per additional student
  • 2 Days at Orlando, FL classroom setting (through*): $795 per person
  • 2 Days at a table in my favorite café in Fort Myers or in your Fort Myers office: $795 one person, $195 for additional person (limit two people for a café, 8-person limit for your local office).

Slightly Small-Print: A "day" of training is based on a typical 9 am - 5 pm day, with an hour lunch plus two 15 min breaks (and realistically, a 1/2 hr of computer problems). So a "day" of actual intensive training is realistically between 6 and 6.5 hours of instruction.
Those who take two full days of training will receive certification.
*Continuing Education Credits for Florida Landscape Architect residents may be available.

Online classes are taught through a professional screen-sharing software such as Go To Meeting, but we can also use, Skype, Hangouts, or whatever you like. The quality of training is guaranteed. If possible, try and have an adjacent extra computer available to allow for dual screen-sharing.

SketchUp Training Curriculum

Training content differs based on the number of days of training, as well as the number, skill level, and topic interests of attendees.  Training is tailored to the needs of the students as much as possible.  It's recommended to limit the on-site classes to eight or less to ensure enough time to cover all of the topics.

These three sections are the chronological order of the topics, not time sections. Advanced-skill classes and special-use training (such as for 3D Printing) might skip some Core topics.

1. Sticky SketchUp: The Basic Tools and Interface



  • Templates
  • Lines and Shapes
  • Inferencing with markers and axis
  • Navigating
  • Basic Tools: Move, Scale, Offset, Push-Pull, Tape Measure
  • Selecting
  • Toolbars & Trays
  • Applying Materials


  • Importing Materials
  • Hiding and Softening Lines
  • Shadows and Fog
  • Extension Warehouse
  • All the Arcs

2. Object-Based Modeling: Unstickifying SketchUp



  • Trays (for PC users)
  • Intro to Styles
  • Objects: Features of Groups & Components
  • Editing Objects
  • Saving Components
  • Savvy 3D Warehouse Searching
  • Object Moving and Aligning
  • Copying and Linear Arrays
  • Rotate & Rotate Array
  • Follow Me tool and techniques
  • Purge Unused and File Reduction


  • 3D Text
  • Editing Styles
  • Mixing Styles
  • Importing Textures
  • Editing Materials
  • Advanced Materials
  • Projected Textures
  • Geolocation
  • Creating a FaceMe Component
  • Sandbox Terrain Tools
  • Solid Tools
  • Advanced Components
  • Component Instance Principles
  • Generating Quantity Reports
  • Match Photo
  • Specialized Extensions
  • Managing Multi-Modeler Projects

3. Organizing and Presenting



  • Outliner is for Organizing
  • Layers: More Joy, Less Hazards
  • Scenes Rule Them All
  • Animation and Camera tools


  • Mixing Styles
  • Section Cuts
  • Advanced Section Cuts
  • Layout