• Usually Fort Myers, Florida
  • Probably Anchorage, Alaska in the summer
  • Sometimes other places

Contact Kat About Training or SketchUp Modeling

I don't have a newsletter, so rest assured: filling out this form will result only in a personal response, not entry into a mailing list (until I turn corporate).

Are you interested in hiring me for SketchUp training, consulting, or modeling? Are you offering a well-paying 9-5 to entice me away from this life of freelancing? Are you a student who lost my email address and needs to contact me? Whatever the reason, drop me a note here, and I'll reply ASAP.

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Due to a brief stint in Wisconsin before settling down in Florida via Massachusetts after moving out of Alaska by way of Idaho, a requested call-back from me will come from my Milwaukee area-code cell phone number (414). Coincidentally, a "414" computer error code happens when a URI request is too long or has too many redirects, a bit like my story about how an Alaskan in Florida has a (414) cell phone number. So anyway, when you see (414), It could be from a midwest call center, but it's also likely me calling you back about SketchUp Training.