Preparing for SketchUp Classes

For All Students, Online or On Site:

3-Button Mouse: 3-button mouse with a center scroll wheel that acts as a button. For group live classes, please bring an extra mouse. Keyboards are needed also, of course.

SketchUp Installation: If not already installed, the easiest source is from If a license has been bought for that computer, then choose the Pro option. If not, the Make (free) version will come with a 30 day free trial of Pro. Most of the training content for most SketchUp classes are fine with Make, but Pro is needed if Layout or DWG import exercises will be part of the lessons.

Google Earth Installed: This is only if geo-location or site terrain importing will be part of the class. Either Google Earth or Google Earth Pro is fine.

Something for taking Notes: Students want to take notes, so it's good to have paper and pens handy. I don't have handouts, although I provide resource links at the end.

For Group Classes at Client Location

Internet Access: It's pretty essential. If I will need to use my own laptop, I'll also need access to the client's internet.

Updates: Please have any Windows computer updates installed before the class, and make sure Java and Flash are updated. An on-site class once waited 20 minutes while Windows installed updates on all the machines.

Tell me Mac or PC: Either is fine, and trainees can bring whichever operating system they prefer, but it helps if I know beforehand. I bring one laptop of each, just in case, and train with either or both. The SketchUp interface is a little different for each.

Projector/Monitor Connection: Please tell me what connectors I might need ahead of time. VGA, HDMI, and if I'll need to bring a long cable or anything else. I expect the client to provide the projector or big monitor. It's nice to have as big a projection as possible.

Trainer Seat: I prefer to sit in the back, on a center aisle if possible. This lets me see everyone's screens and know if I need to slow down or repeat anything, or can move forward. It makes the class move along at a good speed, and ensures that no one falls behind for more than a few seconds. It also lets me get up and move around. The students need to see my screen projected, they don't need to see me all the time. If I have to sit in front, though, that's alright.

Extension Cords and Laptop Chargers: Can't have too many energy sources available.